Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Tera peecha na main chodunga says Ali to Gautam

Tera peecha na main chodunga says Ali to Gautam

And once again Ali Quli Mirza was in high spirits. He suddenly remembered that he has a liking towards someone in the house. Yeah, none other than Gautam. He was seen telling Gautam that he got escaped last time but then he wouldn’t leave him at any cost. Ali had very initially told this in order to take revenge from Gautam, who had teased and taunted him a lot last week.

But this time he gave a humorous angle to teach him the lesson.While Gautam was lying down unaware and unconscious Ali thought of scaring him a little as he went and touched his leg. Gautam, who is petrified most of the time either by ghosts and now Ali’s unexpected act, woke up with a jolt asking him what was he doing and Ali burst out laughing looking at his expressions.

Gautam was trying to be a bravo but he actually got serious and nervous when he sensed Ali can actually do things to annoy or scare him. Gautam kept telling him to back off as it wasn’t funny anymore, but Ali was Ali. He once again started singing, teasing and flirting around Gautam.

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The only thing to know is whether Ali would actually kiss him? Or it’s just tactics to show Gautam not to mess around with him??

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