Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Shocking Gautam left the task on provocation by Ali?

Shocking: Gautam left the task on provocation by Ali

Ali and KT were called in the confession room all of sudden, while the task was still on. Bigg Boss said that the last two players were playing the game exceptionally well and now was the time for some more test for them. He asked both of them with their respective teams to annoy and torture the opposite contender by words but without touching.

Ali took that back more seriously as he went upto Gautam and passed comments related to his individuality and started taunting him. It was that weak moment in Gauti’s task when somewhere a human being starts getting affected due to lack of sleep. Gautam started getting frustrated by Ali’s comments.

However, Ali kept on saying in front of the cameras that he was just doing it for the task and carried no personal feelings. It went on for quite some time and then all of a sudden something happened that provoked Gautam to quit as he left the button.

He stormed inside the washroom crying. While outside, Pritam won the task finally.

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What pinched Gautam so much? He was so close to his goal yet let go of it so easily? Also, there was one housemate who was going to be evicted without their knowledge? Did the housemates know that eviction was happening too?

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