Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sana leaves Farah’s class! Recap #WeekendkaHallaBol

Sana leaves Farah's class! Recap #WeekendkaHallaBol

Farah plays a fun task with housemates called ‘Yes Boss, no Boss’ In this 1 housemate is asked a question and others show whether they agree or disagree. Topics like Gautam and Pritam’s estranged friendship and Karishma and Upen’s closeness is discussed in this task. But it is definitely proven that Ali feels ‘something’ for Gautam! hahaha!

Farah also discloses ‘briefcase ka raaz’ but picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! Housemates are told that the briefcase contains Rs.25lacs which is additional to the winninga amount and all of them are eligible to win it. But how and when will be revealed later in the week!

Mahesh Bhatt visited with his actors from his upcoming movie ‘Khamoshiyan’. Farah and he share a lovely dance on the title track

In season 5 Mahesh Bhatt had spotted talent in Sunny Leone and had offered her a role! He once again entered the house and tested all housemates’ acting abilities and guess what, he found acting potential in Rahul Mahajan and Sambhavna Seth!

Gurmeet’s wife Debina is a big fan of Gullu a.k.a Gautam and to prove he has better abs than the latter Gurmeet did a special ab-show performance for Farah. Wooot!

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Time came for eviction and between Sambhavna and Sana, it was Sana whose journey came to an end. Before leaving she got to nominate someone directly for the next week using the Bigg Bomb and she chose to name Mahek.

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