Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sana and Sambhavna choose Pritam over Gautam!

Sana and Sambhavna choose Pritam over Gautam

Sana shared her experience from Bigg Boss season 6 and narrated how she was back stabbed by her closest friend in the house. She stated that Bigg Boss has been the only platform wherein she could realized what the real world was otherwise she would have still had the mind of a 15 year old.

Talking about Gautam’s increasing closeness with Mahek, Sambhavna and Sana got into discussing about the boys, who have different attitudes and natures in the house. Sambhavna showed her concern for Gautam saying that the way his friendship with Mahek was developing could work against his image and fan following. Sana confessed that she liked Pritam and Gautam both as human beings but Gautam was a guy who could get attention while Pritam could earn respect from women.

Sana went on saying that though she liked both of them, but her inclination was more towards Pritam, despite his unconventional body and style that could appeal any woman and win her heart! Oh is it?? Pritam Pyaare, I hope you are hearing?

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Sambhavna too added that Pritam was a very comfortable person and that he could gel with any one, he wouldn’t hesitate to know someone new. He could keep all the parties at same comfort level. Sana concluded saying that though she likes men with good looks and hot bods, she would prefer someone like Pritam for a long run who is truly caring and understanding.

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