Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sambhavna explains why she hates Dimpy so much!

Sambhavna explains why she hates Dimpy so much

Sambhavna is very upfront and honest about her feelings towards Dimpy. She expressed how she doesn’t carry any ego but people take her otherwise.This usually happens with her when people misunderstand her for her loud nature.Sambhavna expressed that she wasn’t aware about this nature of Dimpy before but now when she is equally part of the Bigg Boss house she is realizing how annoying she is.

She went on to explaining how Dimpy does this for footage all the time, ensuring there is right camera angle. As she commented saying about the several drama that happened post Dimpy’s entry in the house Sambhavna said that Dimpy had gone to every extent to show her real self and people were quite aware too.

But the last time when she had the first major fight with Dimpy; when she threw her sandal, Dimpy was showing her palm asking her to talk to her hand through which she tried to depict herself being so sophisticated. Which she actually wasn’t due to her past actions.

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Moving on to next topic, the new ladies discussed how they have come as true challengers in the house, as in this was their second stint being full of experiences and hence the actual contestants of this season were somewhere insecure about this. What ? Really? Who do you think is actually insecure? Challengers or the Champions?

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