Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sabse Badaa Tabaadla! Synopsis, Halla Bol Day 15

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sabse Badaa Tabaadla! Synopsis, Halla Bol Day 15

The morning of Day 15 in the Bigg Boss house will be a very dramatic one! After Gautam’s emotional breakdown a day before, we will see him all by himself. Other housemates mingle with each other cherishing their memories on the show. The effect of the torture cage still remains fresh in the minds but they find themselves in the middle of yet another chaos as Pritam and Gautam get in to a tiff.

As afternoon prevails Bigg Boss announces the ‘Tabaadla’ task for the day. Housemates prepare themselves once again to expect the unexpected. Challengers and Champions will have to compete for the ultimate golden briefcase filled with twenty five lakhs yet again. Challengers (Karishma, Gautam, Rahul, Dimpy) will have to choose one contender from each team to compete against each other.

Gautam and Sambhavna will compete in the Tabaadla task called ‘The Electric Maze’. The two will have to stand at the start point holding a rod with a hook. They will have to take the rod from the start to the finish point without letting it touch the electric maze.

As soon as the rod connects with the maze, the task will end with a mud blast. As per the rules other housemates are required to distract the contender from the opposite team by provoking them with their words. Upen will be the supervisor of the task. The task results will determine “Ghar Ka Sabse Bada Tabaadla”. If Challengers win, they will have the ultimate opportunity of becoming the Champions. The golden briefcase too will belong to the winning team. Tensed Champions gear up to save themselves from the major switch.

But as we know, what is a task without any drama in the Bigg Boss house. Recent enemies turned friends Dimpy and Sambhavna will once again have a heated face off during the task. Dimpy who tries to distract Sambhavna, will find herself in the middle of an ugly argument. Angry Sambhavna will be seen charging at Dimpy with her harsh words. Housemates try their best to settle the ladies down after a dramatic show down.

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Let’s wait and watch which Team will get hold of the Golden Briefcase this time? Watch the drama unfold in tonight’s episode.

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