Bigg Boss Halla Bol: People here don’t look at intimacy as something cute, says Upen Patel on his lip-lock with Karishma Tanna!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: People here don’t look at intimacy as something cute, says Upen Patel on his lip-lock with Karishma Tanna

All things, good or bad, come to an end. Upen Patel, who re-entered the Bigg Boss house as a guest few days back bid adieu to the high voltage reality show yesterday. However, his second innings inside the madhouse was much talked about, all thanks to his proposal to Karishma Tanna and the intimate moments that they shared.

We got in touch with the 36 China Town actor today and in a candid conversation, he opened up on his love story and a lot more. Excerpts!

Your second innings inside the Bigg Boss house was highly successful. So much that you have become the new heartthrob of the nation. How does it feel?

Wow. Really? It’s been only 14 hours since I have entered the real world and you are the first journalist that I am talking to after coming out of the house and hearing this makes me feel better. It made me smile. I spoke to my family and friends, and they too are really happy with my stint.

You surprised the viewers when you proposed to Karishma Tanna on national television. Was it all planned?

This is a reality show and not a movie where you will script anything. You cannot plan 24 hours a day. I don’t think anybody in that house is fake. It’s who they are.

What is your take on people labeling her as selfish?
When you do 100 good things, people don’t talk about it. And one you do one bad thing, people take it to another level. Yes, she has made a few mistakes, but who doesn’t?

Now that there are only six contestants remaining, who d you think should take away the trophy? Name someone apart from Karishma.

(Laughs) I would be lying if I named anyone else. It’s not because of our relationship, but because how she has conducted herself inside that house. She is the only girl now that has been there from start to the finish. So I would say she deserves to win, not as a lover but as a fellow contestant.

You and Karishma had quite a few intimate moments inside the Bigg Boss house. Do you think you should have been more careful considering the show airs at the prime time?

See all I can say is that I care for Karishma. You have seen the start to finish of our friendship. I haven’t heard bad comments about it so far from the people I have spoken to. The problem is that in India, people don’t look at intimacy as something cute and positive unlike in the West. But I hope that will change soon.

Your and Karishma’s love story hasn’t gone down too well with her ex-boyfriend Rushabh Choksi…

I am not going to answer that. It’s better that you ask this question to her when she comes out. I am just happy with my stint overall and it feels nice to have found someone as loving as Karishma.

Your latest film, I has got some good reviews. What is happening on the film front?

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Thank you. I spoke to Vikram on the phone and he told me how the movie is all set to make Rs 200 crore soon. I worked for over three years on this film. I didn’t sign any other film because of I. So now that it has released and is getting good response, I will come back to the movies real soon.

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