Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Now this was the Biggest Tabaadla of the season!

Now this was the Biggest Tabaadla of the season

Ali and Gautam were seen mending the differences during the evening. And what it looked like from here was Gautam somewhere happened to reach a comfort zone believing in Ali though not all happy all of a sudden. And immediately after that, Bigg Boss announced the biggest tabaadla.*Drumrolls*

So, now as per the new tabadala, the whole Champions team was now called the Challengers whereas, the existing Challengers team was now the Champions. And the way they exchanged mics was no less than a wedding scene wherein the two familes exchange garlands! *Lol* This did not end here!

Bigg Boss paired them in such a way, which would add more fuel to the ongoing rifts.So it went like this- Gautam exchanged mic with Ali, Dimpy with Sambhavna, Pritam with Karishma etc. It was truly hilarious watching the entire scene. Especially Sambhavna-Dimpy’s exchange was epic!

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So now the 25 lacs belong to the new Champion’s team, but which Champion will it be finally? Who will be the final winner? Finale is round the corner,what more twists will be seen during the final week?

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