Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Now, Rahul Mahajan flirts with Karishma Tanna

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Now, Rahul Mahajan flirts with Karishma Tanna

On Friday’s episode, we see Rahul Mahajan — the flirt of reality TV — back on the job. He even tells Gautam Gulati that he has been trying to impress Karishma for six years now! When Rahul flirts with Karishma, Gautam interrupts and asks Rahul why he was doing it. Rahul tells Gautam that he has been pursuing Karishma from six years now! Karishma, who is also there, just smiles and plays along.

Meanwhile, when Karishma allots work to the housemates, Dimpy Ganguli keeps insisting that Sambhavna Seth also needs to be given work. This leads to Sambhavana starting an argument with Dimpy.

While Dimpy does not react to this, she loses her cool when Rahul says that she has a very negative image on the show. She removes and throws the mic and starts crying. Dimpy tells Karishmas that she is losing her confidence and is scared to laugh or sing or do anything at all. She even says that “people find my voice irritating and my points are irrelevant. So it is best I keep quiet.”

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Karishma then says that she will interfere next time if any one says anything to Dimpy. Karishma consoles Dimpy and tells her not to lose herself.

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