Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Mahek Chahal, Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Ganguly, Pritam Singh nominated, Karishma tells Upen he is ‘the one’!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Mahek Chahal, Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Ganguly, Pritam Singh nominated, Karishma tells Upen he is ‘the one’

The Bigg Boss Halla Bol house saw yet another day of nominations.

Gautam Gulati and Sambhavana Seth at loggerheads

Sambhavana cracks a joke at Gauti’s expense which the latter doesn’t find funny. He even makes his discontent obvious and fights with Seth. Later, Sambhavana goes to Upen Patel and tells him about what happened. She reveals that she came in the Bigg Boss Halla Bol house for Gautam and now he is behaving like this. But later Gautam and Sambhavana are seen sorting out differences. It is good for Gautam as since Puneet Issar’s eviction Ms Seth has become that figure for him in the house.

Sambhavana advises Upen but he doesn’t want any of it!

Sambhavana is seen telling Upen that his equation with Karishma Tanna is not morally right. She reminds him that Karishma has a boyfriend outside the house and that her advances might jeopardize her relationship with him. Sam makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t approve of how Karishma is being all lovey-dovey with Upen despite having a boyfriend outside the house. But Upen being head over heels into Karishma doesn’t care for Sam’s approval and simply listens to her quietly.

Upen confides in Pritam Singh

Mr Patel reveals to Pritam that it was only after he was evicted from the house that he realised that he had feelings for Karishma. So aww right! Well, aww only if it is real and not scripted! Tell us if you think that their romance is fake!

Upen and Karishma’s PDA makes Rahul Mahajan feel out of place

In the last episode Farah Khan had punished Rahul and he is handcuffed to Karishma. While technically he and Karishma are inseparable, the latter doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to be mushy with Upen. She is seen feeding him and eating herself with one had while Rahul is just sitting handcuffed to her and watching their PDA as he can’t leave. All the three are sitting on the same bed and all the rest of the housemates, especially Sambhavana and Pritam are laughing at the hilarious trio. Is is just us who think that Ms Seth’s laugh is inspired by the devil?

Nominations ki prakriya begins

As Upen is already safe from nominations and so is Ali Quli Mirza because he is the captain, the rest of the Bigg Boss Halla Bol contenders and challengers are up for nominations. Mahek Chahal is already nominated because of Sana Khan. As the prakriya begins, Mahek nominates Samhavana and Karishma. Gautam nominates Karishma and Dimpy Ganguly. Karishma nominates Dimpy and Gautam.

Rahul’s nominations are Karishma and Pritam. Dimpy nominates Karishma and Pritam for elimination. Sambhavana votes against Karishma and Pritam. Pritam votes for Karishma and Dimpy to get eliminated. Ali uses his chance to nominate the estranged couple, Rahul and Dimpy. Wow, going by the nominations seems like Karish and RJ Pritam have acquired quite a few haters in the house!

Mahek, Karishma, Pritam and Dimpy are nominated

One of these will be eliminated from the house this week. Who do you think deserves to go out of the Bigg Boss Halla Bol house?

Housemates gossip about Upen and Karishma’s love-fest

Ali Quli Mirza, Pritam Singh and Gautam Gulati are seen talking about Karishma and her affection for Upen. Ali says that he doesn’t understand why Karishma is getting involved with Upen if her boyfriend really loves her and there are no problems between the two. Gautam observantly says that if all the romance between Upen and Karishma is a farce and just cheap game-playing then it reflects poorly on Karishma’s character.

Mahek joins in the conversation and say that if she was in Upen’s place then she would have waited for a few more days and wouldn’t have come on the show and confessed her feeling in front of the whole world. Mahek also refers to Karish’s boyfriend outside the house saying that it looks embarrassing when a woman, who by her own admission is already in a relationship and has constantly mentioned it on the show, is showing off her affection for another man.

Upen and Karishma can’t keep their hands off each other!

Upen and Karishma know that they are being discussed by the rest of the housemates but that doesn’t prevent the from continuing their romance in another corner of the house. Karishma is upset on eing nominated by Mahek as she think that it is because Mahek is jealous of her chemistry with Upen. Karishma starts sobbing and an comforting Upen tries consoling his ladylove with a generous dosage of terms like “meri jaan!” He even hugs her to cheer her up.

Upen tries to patch things up between Dimpy and Karishma

Upen tries to sit the two ladies down and iron out their differences. He asks Dimpy when she will patch up with Karishma and in turn Dimpy asks Upen why he is back in the house. Upen reveals that he has heard Rahul saying that he had spent a lot on Karishma. That comment pissed Tanna off. Karishma clarifies that she told Rahul off because his constant flirtatious behaviour was annoying her.

Karishma confides in Sambhavana

Ms Tanna is seen telling Sambhavana that she likes spending her time with Upen and that if she thinks of dating him, he would be ‘the one’ for life.

Karishma and Upen stop being mushy and get real

After all the PDA and romance, Karishma and Upen get talking about serious things in life. Upen is seen confessing to Karishma that he left everything for her to come back on the show and confess his feelings for her. Karishma too opens up about her problems and says that she has a boyfriend outside the house whom she has to end things with. She also reveals that she is worried about how her mother would react to her new relationship.

The next episode

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In the preview of tomorrow’s episode, a caller asks Karishma about her relationship with Upen and whether or not it is fake or real. Karishma admits to her new relationship with Upen.

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