Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Karisma Tanna reveals about controversial TV reality show being fixed!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Karisma Tanna reveals about controversial TV reality show being fixed

The noise over the credibility of the controversial reality TV show Biggg Boss seems to be just catching up. Looks like everything is happening for the first time on this show, be it the extended special format of Bigg Boss Halla Bol or the contestants maintaining a good touch with the outside world. If the leaked picture of Karishma Tanna hiding cell phone was not good enough, the leggy lass has just opened the can of worms revealing the show to be fixed!

Ever since the controversial reality show Bigg Boss conceptualized in year 2006, there have been allegations over its format and also many claiming it to be rigged. Despite so much noise, the makers have somehow always managed to rubbish it off as false claims but looks like this argument is not going to die out soon this time around. In the ongoing eight season of Bigg Boss, after one of the contestants, starlet Karishma Tanna was photographed with a mobile phone in the smoking room, the credibility of the show is being questioned.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, contestants are performing a ‘call-centre’ task in the show when Karishma Tanna decides to take on Rahul Mahajan, who apparently is smitten by her. Karishma in her ten-minute long conversation confronted Rahul about everything, well literally everything.

She questioned him about his claims of her liking and his marriage to Dimpy Mahajan, also part of the show. But in this flow of conversation, Karishma let out the cat out the bag, when she asked Rahul over what he meant on his claims the ‘show was fixed’ or he can get it fixed by offering money to the makers in not many words.

During this task, Karishma Tanna looked upset with Rahu Mahajan’s claims over ‘buying her love with money’. Rahul on the other end of call could only calmly listen and agree passively. The whole talk about helping one win the Bigg Boss title is not something new for Rahul Mahajan as one can recall how he had promised the eventual Bigg Boss 2 winner, Ashutosh Kaushik during his original stay in the past season in 2007.

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The whole controversy regarding the ”Bigg Boss 8 being fixed’ started, when picture of Karishma Tanna, one of the strongest contenders, was caught hiding a cell-phone when another housemate Gautam Gulati came to talk to her. And as for BB8 like its previous seasons, claims to follow its strict rules and regulations that also included zero communication from the outside world. The viewers are in for some confusion now as they await clarifications from the show-makers end.

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