‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’: Karishma’s harsh words for Rahul make Dimpy cry!

‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’: Karishma’s harsh words for Rahul make Dimpy cry

The inmates of the special series of ‘Bigg Boss season 8 – Halla Bol’ – are making the most of the latest luxury budget task to vent out their angst against their ‘enemies’. Karishma Tanna was one among those who made use of the task to hold Rahul Mahajan guilty of trying to flirt with her despite legally being Dimpy’s husband.

In Wednesday’s episode, the Champions were seen making calls to the call center run by the Challengers. And that was when Karishma decided to speak with Rahul and instigate him with all the allegations. But Rahul remained undeterred and politely listened to her.

Dimpy was seemingly at discomfort as she did not want Karishma to cite personal differences and animosity during the course of the task. But Karishma chose to go against Dimpy’s request subsequently making her cry.

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Dimpy has categorically admitted to having a soft corner for her estranged husband and that she will always express her displeasure if someone ever tries to talk against Rahul. The girl was seen giving a tight hug to her husband after he was left embarrassed by Karishma.

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