Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna must really like Upen Patel, says TV actress Roshni Chopra

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Karishma Tanna must really like Upen Patel, says TV actress Roshni Chopra

Krishma Tanna and Upen Patel have been painting the Bigg Boss 8 house red with their liplocks and public displays of affection. But what has really surprised people both inside and outside the house is her turnaround. Since Day One, she has claimed that she’s in a committed relationship (with restaurateur Rushabh Choksi). After Upen proposed, she has been openly displaying her love for him. They’ve even made plans to go on a world tour once they are out. We spoke to her friend, TV actress Roshni Chopra, to find out who the real Karishma is!

You have known Karishma for long. Is she the way she is being projected in the house?

Karishma is a fun-loving, chilled out girl. I know that many people think she is fake and selfish, but she is not. She is misunderstood. Initially, she must have thought that because of the place she is in, without any drama, she wouldn’t be able to sustain in the house. But over time, she has settled down. Also, she gets angry very fast and that is why she lost her temper with Gautam (Gulati) and Rahul (Mahajan). However, she also cools down fast and is not the vindictive sort. But because she says whatever is in her heart, everything gets misrepresented.

What is your take on Karishma’s growing closeness with Upen Patel?

I am really surprised. Before entering the show, she had told me that she did not want to get into any relationship in the house. But I know Upen also and he is a charming, fun guy, a ladies’ man.

Karishma and Upen have shared liplocks. Is the kind to indulge in PDA (public displays of affection)?

No, the Karishma I know is not like that. I am also surprised and taken aback by her behaviour. She must really like Upen.

Some evicted contestants like Sana Khan think that they are doing it for ratings…

Karishma is definitely not like that. If she and Upen were seeing each other outside, it wouldn’t have become such a big issue. But since the cameras are on them 24/7, it is getting exaggerated.

Initially, Karishma said that she is in a committed relationship. Reportedly, her boyfriend is Rushabh Choksi?

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So, where is he? He hasn’t sent a single letter, hasn’t called or even sent a message. There have been episodes where the families and loved ones have met with or sent something to the contestants. He may be too shy to go meet her, but he hasn’t sent her anything either. If I were in the house and my husband didn’t send anything, I would have been upset!

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