Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Karishma breaks down finally after being everyone’s bull’s eye!

Karishma breaks down finally after being everyone's bull's eye

Karishma was totally heartbroken after Dimpy said that she was an ‘opportunist’ after nominating her. According to KT nothing hurt her more than listening to this term. She couldn’t hold onto her emotions and started crying bitterly. She was trying to be very strong but sometimes you just loose it, that was exactly the case with Ms.Tanna.

Upen, who cannot see his lady lovein any pain tried cheering her up. He said that it was quite commendable how sportingly she always took everyone’s negative comments for her and still managed to smile. According to Upen, Karishma coming this far in the show was itself a sign of her immense strength with which she was going forward every day.

He also added that she wasn’t bad at all, and if she was bad he wouldn’t ever be friends with her. Oho! So your friendship quotes – ‘Conditions apply’ Oopii? He said that she need not cry when he was around. Awww!!

After a while of calming down Karishma said how Pritam nominated her giving reason, which was already resolved between them. She felt cheated by Pritam and felt terrible.

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Will KT be able to maintain her composure till the fianle or it is just the beginning of a wall names karishma crumbeling down?

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