Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Sambhavna Seth manipulating Gautam Gulati as Puneet Issar did in the past?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Sambhavna Seth manipulating Gautam Gulati as Puneet Issar did in the past

Sambhavna Seth since her entry into Bigg Boss house has been making rounds of news for her aggressive nature. Besides, her alleged closeness with Gautam Gulati has also raised several eye brows. The new host Farah Khan also pointed out in the weekend episode whether someone has taken Puneet’s place in Gautam’s life. Though Gautam did not agree to the allegations, it is clearly visible that Sambhavna is now dominating Gautam very much like Puneet Issar.

Puneet’s exit from the controversial reality show came as a shocker for Gautam Gulati. The telly star used to spend most of his time with the senior actor and always sorted his guidance in all matters. Gautam became all reserved and silent after Puneet Issar was evicted from the show.

It became very much evident that Gautam would not be able to survive in the extended version of the show with Puneet’s backing. However, Sambhavna entered as a soothing soul for Gulati and offered him the much needed attention and support.

Sambhavna, who entered the house as a guest for BB8 party, had spilled venom against his alleged proximity with Diandra. Gautam, since then, started maintaining distance from the dusky model. He even confronted her saying that he is not in the favour of promoting something that doesn’t exist between the two.

Gautam’s sudden reaction to Sambhavna’s advice had also attracted lot of flak from media and the then host Salman Khan. Now after Sambhavna’s re-entry into the glass walled house as a challenger Gautam is maintaining some distance from Pritam, Karishma, Dimpy and Ali.

Well, looks like Sambhavna has again poisoned Gautam’s mind against the contestants. Sambhavna’s aggressive actions and loud behaviour reminds us of Puneet Issar. Though the senior actor didn’t foul mouth like Sambhavna does, he was very much aggressive like her. Sambhavna, having realised Gautam’s weak points, played well on them. She has taken advantage of Puneet’s exit to dominate Gautam and use him for her benefit. Sambahavna has also put forth an offer of adding a romantic side to her relationship with Gautam Gulati.

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Is Sambhavna really manipulating Gautam Gulati emotions for her benefit? Will Gautam Gulati agree to romance her for TRP’s? Well only time can tell. Till then stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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