Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Sambhavana Seth the reason for Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan’s divorce?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Sambhavana Seth the reason for Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan’s divorce

Sambhavana Seth, since her entry into the Bigg Boss 8 house has been making a hue and cry about Dimpy. Looks like, the item girl is here only to defame the estranged wife of her alleged brother Rahul Mahajan. Sambhavana’s loud character is not new to the telly audience as she had earned lot of prominence for her fights with Raja Chaudhary in season 2 of the controversial show.

Right after entering the season 8 as a Challenger, Sambhavana had a loud spat with Dimpy over a petty issue. While Dimpy maintained her calm stature, the former threw her sandal at her to shoo her off the matter. Dimpy was very much shocked to see that Sambhavana is no more the person she knew from outside the house. The other housemates, including Rahul Mahajan were shaken at Sambhavana’s violent reaction for no reason.

Besides, creating a fight for petty issues, Sambhavana accuses Dimpy for being cheap and a game player. She has been continuously referring to Dimpy as a ‘ghatiya aurat’ in front of other housemates. According to Sambhavana, she hates Dimpy nature of poking her nose in everyone’s matter (which is true). She also maintains that Dimpy tries to take camera attention everytime by creating a big hue and cry about things which make no sense. Well, Sambhavana here in this case, we find you creating a ruckus for no reason.

Rahul Mahajan, who also entered the house as a Challenger, tries to play a neutral role in their fight. He tries to compose Dimpy by asking her not to react to her words. Poor boy, Rahul seems to be badly stuck between his alleged sister and ex-wife. Sambhavana seems to dislike Rahul’s equation with Dimpy in the house. She was seen saying Sana that Rahul was accusing the lady outside the house and here he is getting along so well. Sambhavana also stated that she feels the two instead of finalising divorce might reconcile instead.

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If Sambhavana, really considers Rahul her brother then she must be happy if her brother reconciles with his wife. Instead of helping him bond back with Dimpy, Sambhavana is all set to create a bigger rift between the two. After the unnecessary drama, Sambhavana is creating inside the show we are forced to wonder whether she was the reason why Rahul Mahajan was planning to divorce Dimpy. Is Sambhavana faking her angry attitude towards Dimpy?

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