Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Rahul Mahajan faking his friendship with Dimpy Ganguly?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Rahul Mahajan faking his friendship with Dimpy Ganguly

Ajaz is ousted

After the fight last night between Ajaz Khan and Ali Quli Mirza – things turned ugly. Sambhavna Seth seemed to be the only one supporting Ajaz. Bigg Boss announced his verdict and his displeasure with Ajaz’s behaviour. He went on to say that bringing Ajaz back in to the show was his biggest regret.

Why is Sambhavna crying?

Ali approaches Sambhavna to find out why she is shedding tears for Ajaz? Ali then claims that he was never Ajaz’s friend and had parted ways from him six years back. He tries to explain his point of view and asks her to cry for right things.

Sambhavna imitates Dimpy

Late night, we see Sambhavna imitating Dimpy and her irritating way. She explains to Gautam Gulati how Dimpy Ganguly’s irritating nature irks her and how she intends to teach her a lesson.

Dimpy and Rahul

The next day, Dimpy tells Mehak Chahal that when Rahul and she separated, she moved to Dubai. Apparently, Dimpy did not wish to live in the same country as her former husband. Somehow she is now okay to live with him in the same house. Does that mean the estranged couple are coming back together? Well not exactly, but they are definitely civil for sure.

Champions vs Challengers

Bigg Boss announces a new task wherein every section of the house will be open to the challengers if they win the task against the champions. In order to gain access to the rest of the house they will have to win every task.

Adam’s apple

Task 1 was the contest for the garden area. There are apples hanging on two trees. The teams have to steal the opposite team’s apples in order to win access to the garden area. It seemed like an interesting task until Rahul loses the fruits in his foolishness.

Sambhavna’s issue with Rahul

Through the task, Sambhavna gets miffed with Rahul Mahajan for supporting Dimpy. Rahul apparently claims that no matter what happens Dimpy will always be his friend and no one can come between them. Sambhavna then claims that before leaving the show she will expose the couple and their reality. She also tells Mahek that when Rahul was outside the house he called Dimpy a home wrecker and someone who spoilt his life, but now he is changing his words.

Was Ali acting?

Mahek tells Ali that while she agrees that Ajaz was wrong but Ali was overacting when he screamed in pain. Unfortunately for Ali, his own teammate Gautam supports Mahek.

Kitchen contest

Bigg Boss announces a new task to win the Kitchen area. Rahul and Dimpy had to mash tomatoes and Sambhavna and Karishma had to drink the juice. Rahul won the task and the champions took over the kitchen area. In the night Karishma Tanna, Ali and Pritam discuss how to win the next few tasks. They also claim that Gautam has ditched their team and joined in with the opposition.


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Well Rahul surely knows how to play the game and is using his smooth talking skills to win it. Make sure to catch the Bigg Boss Hall Bol episode tomorrow to see how Rahul’s plans go kaput.

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