Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Karishma Tanna playing with Upen Patel’s feelings?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Karishma Tanna playing with Upen Patel's feelings

It is a common belief amongst contestants that having a romantic angle in the house helps cement the position of the housemates in the show. Sana Khan and Sambhavana Seth were heard discussing that Karishma Tanna has been keeping in mind these strategies and reciprocating to Upen Patel’s gestures and acts of love towards her.

They added that before Upen returned on the show, Karishma had no objection to the flirtatious comments and behavior of Rahul Mahajan but the moment Upen returned she condemned the same. The romance between Karishma and Upen has been blooming but the housemates believe that Karishma has been returning the compliments and romantic innuendos only for the game and is playing with Upen’s feelings as she is known to be selfish and thinks of herself before and above anyone else.

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But Karishma has been showing too much intimacy with Upen ever since Upen proposed her on the show. The couple were even seen smooching each other on national television and in today’s preview, Karishma clearly admitted that she will think about the relationship once they are out of the show. But is it all a mere game plan and strategy to stay on the show? Or is it for real?

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