Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati over reacting to Ali Quli Mirza’s comments for publicity!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati over reacting to Ali Quli Mirza’s comments for publicity

Gautam Gulati is back to his sulky self and is keen to take over all the attention Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel are earning from their romance. During the Torture task, Ali was making hard attempts to provoke Gauti to quit the task. As per the task the contestants had to provoke the contenders to quit the task by any and all means. Upen was given the task of monitoring the contestants during the task.

As expected, Gautam left the task mid-way thereby declaring Pritam as winner of the task. All the housemates, kept their mouth shut as Ali has already informed everyone that he was faking the whole story just to provoke the telly actor. Gautam looked all calm and composed when he decided to discontinue with the task. However, he soon started sulking and glooming for the allegations made by the Dubai based singer. At, first all the contestants made attempts to soothe him, but they all chose to leave him alone when Gautam angrily snapped back at them.

Gautam started crying loudly saying that Ali’s statements were below the belt and was totally unacceptable for him. Moreover, he also admitted that he is deeply hurt that since none of his friends in the house stood beside him while Ali was taunting him. Upen, who was monitoring the task throughout, found Gautam sitting upset. He decided to share Gauti’s grief. Though Ali was ready to apologise for his words, Gautam was not ready to oblige. Upen understood that Ali had hit Gautam’s sensitive side and hence he was feeling so low.

Having understood that Gautam Gulati is a strong contender, Ali had made a fake story just to make him leave the task. But, if all the allegations made on the actor were all fake what made him cry. Besides, he is well aware of Ali’s sense of humour and have taken his words sportingly. Instead, Gautam chose to make a hue and cry about the whole incident.

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Do you think Gautam was really hurt with Ali Quli Mirza’s statements? Or he is just faking all the drama to garner some much needed attention and publicity in the show? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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