Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati isolated again?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati isolated again

After Gautam Gulati’s fight with Ali Quli Mirza, the eight pack abs hunk feel that he is alone and asks Ali to leave him the way he is. Next morning in the washroom Karishma Tanna and Dimpy Mahajan confront Gautam as to why he was not participating in the task. They also ask him if he feels he is being isolated.

Gautam then tells them that he know he is all alone only. So no one can isolate him as he is already isolated.

Karishma then asks Gautam that when he has been sleeping on the floor throughout in the show then why did he go and sleep in the bed room last night. Dimpy Karishma Pritam and Ali also slept in the living room that night as Challengers have won the bedroom area.

Gautam told Karishma and Dimpy that he is not comfortable sleeping with Ali and Pritam hence he went inside. Gautam is seen getting close to the challengers more than the champions and his old housemates. Soon after this Ali and Pritam too got involved into the argument. Gautam then asks them as to why is it always like this that three people point on one person and push him down.

Karishma then reminds Gautam that it is not that they are pushing him down but trying to tell him what Salman Khan had told them, and that is to stick together in order to go till the end. Dimpy then says that if every one is ready to mend the soured relationship why is Gautam not doing so.

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Gautam simply states that he is not ready to mend anything, once someone is in his bad books then that will stay like it is. What do you think of Gautam’s reaction? Do you think he is really being isolated or he wants to be?

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