Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati interested in romancing only older women?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Is Gautam Gulati interested in romancing only older women?

Gautam Gulati’s romantic inclination towards the female contestants in Bigg Boss house has been a topic of debate for quite some time. The telly actor has often been praised for his looks and toned physique, which his fondly shows off on the camera. Sonali and Diandra were head-over-heels for Gautam, until he started portraying his infidel side. Sonali was attracted to Gautam’s toned physique and has been praising his looks since the day the eight season took off. However, Gautam on the other hand was busy wooing Diandra Soares.

During the early days of Bigg Boss 8, Gautam was seen running behind Diandra doing her favours, such as filling water in her bottles, applying body lotion and so on. The two were going strong until Gautam foul mouthed Karishma Tanna during the task. Diandra was offended by Gautam’s anger outburst and stopped talking to him.

However, after few weeks, Gautam himself made attempts to reconcile his broken ties with Diandra. After much thought, Diandra agreed to be on friendly terms with Gautam. Cupid struck the love chord between the two and the two started getting intimate in the house.

On Gautam’s birthday, Diandra offered to give the telly actor a special gift by dragging him into the bathroom for a kiss. Soon, the two found it difficult to keep their hands of each other. Their PDA made it quite evident to everyone that Diandra and Gautam are in love with each other. However, Sambhavna’s entry in the house during BB8 party brought a drift between the two. The Bhojpuri item girl advised her friend Gautam that his proximity with Diandra is not good for his image in the show.

Gautam immediately broke all ties with Diandra to maintain his image on the show. After Diandra’s eviction from the house, Sambhavna Seth entered the house as a challenger. The loud drama queen has been creating controversies inside the house since the day she entered the house.

Sambhavna also proposed Gautam to add a romantic angle to their friendship for some popularity. Gautam did not accept her offer, but he didn’t deny her as well. However, Gautam is seen spending a lot of time with Sambhavna in the extended version of the show.

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Will Gautam accept Sambhavna’s offer to romance her in the show? Does Gautam Gulati have special interest in romancing older women? What do you think guys? do share your opinions in the comment section below.

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