Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Upen Patel-Karishma Tanna make their relationship official, Dimpy Ganguly-Rahul Mahajan rekindle lost spark!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Upen Patel-Karishma Tanna make their relationship official, Dimpy Ganguly-Rahul Mahajan rekindle lost spark

Evere since Upen Patel has entered the Bigg Boss Halla Bol series, some rather interesting events are shaping up. Where on one hand his budding romance with Karishma Tanna has caught the nation’s attention, his dying equation with-once upon-a-time good friend Dimpy Ganguly is evident. What happened tonight? Read the highlights below!“ Mera dil aapke paas hai”- Upen Patel

After Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares’s romantic saga, its now time for Upen and Karishma’s love story to take center stage. In tonight’s episode we saw the two love birds flirting like there’s no tomorrow. Where Upen confessed to Karishma that his heart lies with her, the latter said,” Aapka dil mere paas hai toh mera bhi aapke paas hoga na.” How cheesy can a couple get? C’mon Upen and Karishma, if you have to flirt atleast have the mind to pull off some witty one liners instead of outright and overdone corny ones! Nonetheless, their relationship is definitely official, right folks?

”You have been a good husband to me” – Dimpy Ganguly

We don’t understand Dimpy’s ways. Where on one hand she confessed to Mahek Chahal that she saw the real side of Rahul and was foolish not to see it before, on the other she told Rahul that she is “proud of him” and he has been “a good husband to her.” Make up your mind Dimpy! She clearly seems smitten by her ex- hubby. We just feel its time she moves on as Rahul clearly seems disinterested and blinded by Karishma’s love.

“If you have been chasing me since 7 years then why did you marry Dimpy?”- Karishma Tanna

Miss Tanna is called the queen of controversies for a reason. The hottie of the house was seen confronting Rahul about his “joke” when he stated that he has been chasing her since the past seven years. To this Karishma taunted him, saying that if such was the case, why did he marry Dimpy? Good point there by Tanna, but things turned ugly when Dimpy took offence and sobbed about the same. Guess its safe to state that Karishma should scoot around and then make such sensitive remarks!

Challengers and Champions swap places yet again

Sambhavana Seth was given the task of naming a strong contender from the Challengers’ team and she nominated herself, much to Sana Khan’s displeasure who believed herself to be the rightful candidate for the post. Karishma on the other hand angered Dimpy further when she nominated her as the weakest contender from the Champions’ team. Sambhavana and Dimpy swapped places and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

“Upen proposed to Karishma during the shoot of the show’s finale”- Dimpy

Dimpy was in the mood to spill some beans. After being nominated by Karishma as the weakest contender from her team, a miffed Dimpy was seen bitching about Ms Tanna to Sambhavana. She gave out some juicy gossip to her girl pal as she said,” Karishma isn’t serious about her boyfriend. Upen proposed to her during the shoot of the finale.”

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Ah well there’s no such thing as secrets in the Bigg Boss house is there? Stay tuned to catch Karishma confessing her love to Upen in tomorrow’s episode followed by a midnight smooch for her new found loverboy!

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