Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Pritam Singh wins the Rs 25 lakh task; Ali Quli Mirza makes Gautam Gulati cry!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Pritam Singh wins the Rs 25 lakh task; Ali Quli Mirza makes Gautam Gulati cry

Yesterdays episode saw Bigg Boss announced Rs 25 Lakh task called as torture task. Every contestant tried their level best to stay in the cage by pressing the red button for long. Whoever stood till the end, would win Rs 25 Lakh for the team and that amount would get added to the winning amount of Rs 50 Lakh. Not just this, the contestant would get safe from the nominations this week. The contestant would get immune.

One by one everyone gave up from the task by giving some or other reason. Only three contestants Dimpy Ganguly, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh were left in the game. All the three gave a tough competition to each other. Nobody gave up till the end. On this, Bigg Boss had to fool one of the competitor to get someone to win. So Bigg Boss announced that whoever wants to win this bag of 25 Lakhs has to run first in the confession room.

Dimpy was the first to leave the cage and run inside the confession room. There she got the golden brief case. And Guess what? After opening the bag Dimpy got Pizzas inside the bag. It was fun watching Bigg Boss fool the smartest girl of the Bigg Boss 8 house.

And ofcourse, Dimpy lost the task, as per by rules no one was allowed to leave midway from a task. But the game was still on between Gautam and Pritam. Both the friends gave a tough competition to win the task. Earlier Gautam had won the 36 hours task by sitting on the chair all the time, so we were sure he won’t give up so fast.

Bigg Boss used another trick to get one-person to win. The rest of the contestants were asked to provoke Gautam and Pritam so that one of them lefts the task and gave up. Ali is very well known to provoke people. So Ali started provoking Gautam by asking him personal questions. He went to that level which Gautam Gulati never expected.

We all know Gautam never gets provoked; he always keeps calm by ignoring. It was very rare to see Gautam getting emotional and crying. Gautam ran inside the washroom and started crying badly. While Mahek, Sambhavna and Pritam were giving him emotional support to calm down.

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So finally Pritam won the task and got the Rs 25 lakh into the account. Wethinks Ali went a bit over board with the provoking of Gautam. Else he wouldn’t have had broken down like that.

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