Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna- Pritam Singh enter a war of words; Sambhavna Seth pushes Dimpy Ganguly on being called ‘prostitute’

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna- Pritam Singh enter a war of words; Sambhavna Seth pushes Dimpy Ganguly on being called ‘prostitute’

The final task to win the golden money bag was announced today four days left for the finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, day filled with gossips and drama and fights passed away. For those who could not catch the show, here’s what happened in today’s episode…

The task

Bigg Boss announced the ‘Akhri Seedi’ task. As part of the task, a ladder is placed below the bag, with a red and a green side; one for each team. The steps from the ladder, however, are missing. Now the twist is that each team guards the steps of the opposite team. So gathering the five steps is obviously not going to be easy.

Karishma-Pritam’s blame game:

Of course the task would not be complete without some drama. So we had Karishma Tanna lashing out at Pritam Singh blaming him of playing dirty politics. She also revealed how he bad-mouthed Gautam behind his back while pretending to be his friend. Pritam, on the other hand, stated that everybody from Karishma’s gang was out and hence, she was the one scheming.

Dimpy called Sambhavna a prostitue:

After their last fight, looked like Dimpy was admant on initiating a fight with Seth. The fight, however, went a step ahead when Sambhavna pushed Ms Ganguly. During their lash out at each other, Dimpy called Seth ‘Deoo’ which the latter claims is another word for prostitue. In her defense, Dimpy says that she only meant to say ‘giver’ but the word has been intentionally construed by Sambhavna to gain attention and publicity.

Ali’s smart move:

Ali Quli Mirza very cunningly convinced Ms Ganguly to give away the steps she was guarding and in return, he would do the same. Ganguly agreed but only to be decieved by Ali who had asked Pritam to run away with Dimpy’s share of steps before she could even reach them. Dimpy was then worried what her teammates would say and do if they heard that both set of steps were with the opposing team. She requested the two to settle the score by returning her the steps she was guarding and Pritam and Ali obliged looking at her helplessness.

Sambhavna’s (un)departure:

Sambhavna who was highly offended by Dimpy’s remark, demandd that she be called into the confession room. Since that did not happen, the lady packed her bags and was seen banging the door of the Bigg Boss house claiming that if they do not let her out, she might end up beating Dimpy severely. Ooooh!


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Tomorrow’s episode is going to witness immense drama with Pritam yelling at Gautam. The latter then lashes out at Ali for intervening in their fight. Gautam starts to yell at Ali and even pushes him, his tiff with Pritam all but forgotten.

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