Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna finally opens up about her ex-boyfriend Rushabh Choksi

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna finally opens up about her ex-boyfriend Rushabh Choksi

With just two days to go for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, let’s find out what’s the current status in the house.

Awkward finalists

The episode started off on quite an awkward note with ‘silence’ speaking up for everyone. Calm, lazy and a forcible interaction is what has taken charge of the house. So on one side we had Karishma Tanna lazying around and trying to act sweet with Gautam, whereas on the other side, Ali and Pritam catch up to share their mutual hate for Gautam Gulati. And how about Dimpy? Well she plays a bitchy mediator like always.

Ali Vs Gautam

After what happened in the past few days, Ali, Pritam and Gautam can’t be friends anymore. So Ali and Gautam get into a war of words again but surprisingly, their anger has stooped down a little this time. Dimpy tells Ali that Gautam’s family has connections with the police after which, Ali instantly walks up to Gautam and says even I have connections with the police. However, Gautam in reality has no connections and it was misinterpreted by Dimpy so Gautam demands a sorry and Ali gives it. Surprised? The funny fight further continues with Ali lifting Gautam in his arms! Not aww!

Let’s rewind to the love stories

Everyone is asked to gather in a room and surprise: It’s a flashback footage with all the love stories showing up. It starts with Gautam-Diandra’s smoochy romance, followed by Dimpy and Rahul’s bff bonding. But the one that stands out is the latest sensation, Karishma and Upen Patel’s love story. From flirting to proposal to the late night kiss, the visual was definitely an awwworthy one!

Let’s rewind to the controversies

Another footage joins in so that Pritam and Ali aren’t left out. It travels back to all the controversies between Karishma-Gautam, Pritam-Gautam, Gautam-Ali, Ali-Ajaz Khan and you know it all. Obviously a dreaded past but our finalists smile it off because that’s what has made them strong today!

Bhayanak Bhavishyavani

Now this was the ultimate one! Famous face reader Janardhan Baba enters the house to foresee the finalists future. And guess what? He answers all the unanswered questions! It goes something like this:

Karishma and Upen’s relationship will not last for long, her future holds a rich businessman and not an actor.

Gautam has by far faced about two love failures and even if he has a current one, it won’t last. His future holds a rich, educated and an independent woman(not an actress).

Dimpy’s life is good but her past relationship was not meant to be( Rahul Mahajan)

Pritam has a happy married life but he too has been caught red handed in the past.

Karishma cribs about ex boyfriend Rushabh

After this reality check, Miss Tanna can’t digest that she won’t marry Upen. So she again consults the Baba personally and details about her relationships. She starts with her ex boyfriend Rushabh Choksi and says that she can’t be with him because he is too possessive and fights for every little thing. She also cribs how she never connected with him and only realized it when Upen came in her life. But sadly, the Baba nullifies both sides and declares- It’s not Upen, not Rushabh; It’s a businessman for Tanna! Whoa!

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Tomorrow’s episode will see Ajaz Khan entering back on show. Everyone’s asked to freeze while Ajaz provokes Ali for all that you know. The fight heats up and what’s in store towards the end, will only be shown tomorrow!

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