Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna and Rahul Mahajan’s pillow fight

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Day 3 Gets Dirty, Really Dirty_1

Since day one of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, the challengers have declared a war on the champions of season 8. After conquering the kitchen area in the house, the challengers have been planning and waiting in anticipation for their next opportunity to conquer the rest of the house. The third day saw the challengers give a tough competition to the champions who are anxiously holding on to their ground from the grasp of the intruders.

Gautam defeats Rahul

The first territory on stake for today was the living area where the champions would have to resist the attack of the challengers by facing each other in an outlandish Boxing match. Unlike conventional boxing, the Bigg Boss pugilists will fight against each other by using long sticks with gloves attached at each end through a specially designed boxing-wall.

In spite of all the advantages and privileges the champions remain at the mercy of the challengers since only the challengers can determine which champion they would choose to face in every task. First it was Dimpy Mahajan and Mahek Chahal who took part in this task. But after fighting for almost 15 minutes, no results were yielded after which Rahul Mahajan chose Gautam Gulati as his competitor. However, the latter defeated the former and got the living area under the name of champions.

Rahul and Karishma get into a pillow-fight

Further in the afternoon, the challengers competed with the champions for a pillow-fight in an attempt to proclaim the bedroom as their next conquest. Being the most active amongst the challengers, Rahul Mahajan takes it upon himself to face the make-up queen Karishma Tanna from the champions. The contestant who manages to push their opponent outside the fighting circle twice will win the clout over the bedroom.

Rahul and Dimpy get dirty

The final and most important area for winning was the restroom. Since this area was the most significant; the task to win it would be the most grueling. One contestant, each from champions and challengers needs to sit in a glass container. Rahul chose his estranged wife Dimpy to be his opponent.

This glass container was filled with animal manure with diluted form of cow dung being sprayed upon them from above. They had to scrub a soap bar on their bodies and finish it within the stipulated time.

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As the champions and challengers continue to outwit each other, the great divide between the two sides becomes increasingly prominent.

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