Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Karishma Tanna agrees to marry Upen Patel, Ali gets accused for Dirty Politics!

Gautam and Dimpy answer to Farah! Recap #WeekendkaHallaBol_6

Days are rushing to reach the finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh and Sambhavna Seth have already booked their seats for the final day. Read on to find out tonight’s story!

Let’s do the Bollywood

The episode started on quite a fun note with all the contestants staging a hilarious play aping the Bollywood characters. So we had Rahul as the Gabbar, Ali as Mogambo, Gautam as Dabbang Chulbul Pandey, Upen as the King of romance Shah Rukh Khan, Karishma going retro, Sambhavna as Basanti and Dimpy as 1 2 3 Madhuri. They mocked the 25lakhs task and Upen stand out saying, ‘mere pass Karishma hai, mujhe 25 lakhs nahi chahiye” Awwww…

Karishma: Main Upen se Shaadi karungi

Yes she finally said it on show. Farah demands some candid confessions by putting forth a few questions which apparently the inmates want to know. So on being asked if Tanna will marry Upen later, she blushed and said, “Agar vo mujhse itna hi pyaar karega show ke baad bhi and karte rahega toh why not, main Upen se shaadi karungi.’

Sambhavna: Jo log batameez hote hai, main unnke saath double batameez hoti hu

Here she gives it back to her favourite rival Dimpy on being asked if she is so rude all the time? She can’t spare a word from Dimpy and throws a Halla Bol dialogue at this one.

Mallika Sherawat complains being a victim of dirty politics

Mallika came on show to promote her upcoming film, Dirty Politics. She enters dancing on her Ghagra song from the film. But what grips this moment is when Farah asks her if she has faced dirty politics in real life. To which, a victimized Mallika complains saying, “Yes, I have faced dirty politics from filmmakers and actresses. I have lost out on so many films and the worst was when all my scenes got cut in a film which later only had my item number. Can’t name it but the lead actress ate over all my scenes.” Who is it? Keep guessing!

Gautam strips for Mallika, Ali tries to steal his thunder and Rahul becomes the winner with his ‘Belly dance’

Mallika then enters the house to play some Dirty politics with the contestants. She starts on a flirtatious note and asks Gautam and Ali to woo her. Gautam strips shirts and flaunts his 8 pack abs wheres Ali does a filmy andaz by dancing and singing. But the best of all was Rahul who took off his shirt on demand and moved his belly to Jalebi Bai..Haha too funny!

Who plays the actual dirty politics?

Mallika asked each of the contestants to point who according to them plays the dirtiest politics. To which, Karishma named Pritam, Sambhavna picked Dimpy, Pritam gave it back with Tanna and then came a series of accuses for Ali from Gautam, Rahul and Dimpy.

Mallika wants Gautam to win

On coming out, Mallika picks her favourite and says she wants Gautam Gulati to win the show. So you see, there’s another #WeLoveGautam trending in here.

Karishma gives up on MAKE UP for Upen

A cute footage interrupts to show on the UpMa love story. Karishma and Upen are seen sharing some awwdorable moments with Upen going all gaga at Miss Tanna and requesting her that please don’t wear your make up today, you look beautiful. To which, a rather ‘Selfish’ Karishma surprisingly agrees to do so! Whoa!

Farah Khan evicts Rahul Mahajan

And lastly, its Farah Khan entering the house and evicting Rahul from the show. Yes! He has left but that moment didn’t go easy as wife Dimpy cries lonely and somewhere regrets on her divorce with Rahul.

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Tomorrow’s episode will continue this cry story with Dimpy recollecting all her moments with Rahul and also how her image has gone down to the ugliest because of Sambhavna. On the other side, the next and the last set of nominations take place with Pritam Singh getting nominated by Tanna.

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