Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Farah Khan LASHES out at Ali Quli Mirza, Sambhavna Seth in the finale!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Farah Khan LASHES out at Ali Quli Mirza, Sambhavna Seth in the finale

Tick tick tock tock. Time is ticking away and we are nearing the grand finale. Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati and Pritam Singh have booked their seats for the D day and they are being joined by Sambhavna Seth! Ali Quli Mirza on the other hand managed to piss off the hunky dory host Farah Khan. What’s going on? Read on to find out!“Mazaak aur battameezi ke beech mein ek line hoti hai”- Farah Khan.

The host of the show was seen telling Ali to behave himself, when the latter displayed the audacity to act over smart with her. Ali was being questioned about his manipulative behaviour in the house and the fact that he fails to thiNk twice before reacting.

“Tum industry se ho Ali,” said Farah to which an angry Mr Mirza said,” Mam aap yeh baatein kyun kar rahi hai.” Farah sealed the deal by saying,” Mazaak aur battameezi ke beech mein ek line hoti hai, don’t cross it. I’m not one of the contestants in the house.” Woah, Mrs Khan is strict indeed!

“I didn’t expect this at all”- Sambhavna Seth

The controversy queen earned herself a seat in the finale along with Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh. Upon being declared safe, a surprised Seth said,” I didn’t expect this! I always thought people didn’t get what I’m trying to say or perceived me in a negative way.” Well congratulations Sambhavna, you deserve it!

“End week mein karunga khulasa” – Ali Quli Mirza

It seems this lad has some big beans to spill on Karishma Tanna! Ali was seen giving a dhamki to the beauty, stating that he will reveal a big secret about Karishma, towards the end of the show. Upon being propelled to tell all, Ali was almost about to do the “khulasa’ but was unfortunately stopped by host Farah Khan. Now what is this big secret which only Ali knows? Let us wait and watch out!

“Rahul has a girlfriend called Aparna Joshi”-Sambhavna Seth

Things surely took an interesting turn, when Sambhavna Seth, revealed in tonight’s episode that Rahul is seeing a certain someone called Aparna Joshi! Now isn’t that interesting? She said that Dimpy Ganguly’s ex-hubby was secretly dating the mystery lady. When big mouths open, the nation is happy!

“Log sochte hain ke do divorcees ke beech mein dosti nahin ho sakti”- Dimpy Ganguly

Cry baby Dimpy Ganguly was seen doing just that in tonight’s episode. The inmate was questioned on why she is unsure of her equation with Rahul, where one hand she bitches about him and on the other seeks comfort from him when feeling lonely.

Dimpy was seen blaming it all on the contestants, stating that she was misunderstood regarding her relationship with Mahajan and received flack for being close to him.” Log sochte hain ke do divorcees ke beech mein dosti nahin ho sakti,” said a crying Dimpy. Well you need to make up your mind Ms Mahajan, and stop being the ‘abla naari’ of the house!

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In tomorrow’s episode, we will see Karishma Tanna finally declaring her love for Upen Patel! “You are a perfect man for every woman,” she will say to her new found love! Rushabh Choksi are you listening?

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