Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights: Ajaz Khan-Ali Quli Mirza have the last fight, Pritam makes a shocking confession

Bigg Boss Halla Bol highlights Ajaz Khan-Ali Quli Mirza have the last fight, Pritam makes a shocking confession

It’s the last day and night for the contestants in Bigg Boss Halla Bol and the contestants are super excited about the end of their journey.

Memory lane

Bigg Boss makes the last day of the contestants extra special for them by taking them down memory lane. He shows them a jhalak of journey in the show and all the good and bad moments they’ve had on Bigg Boss 8. Obviously, a lot of secrets come out in the open which shock and surprise the last five contestants in the house.

Dimpy and Ali take offense

Gautam Gulati has a verbal tiff with Ali as he calls him 18 fold dholki. Dimpy argues with Gautam and tells him that she is any day better than Sambhavna Seth. But Gautam claims that both of them are extremely abusive, which is definitely not a cool thing.

Karishma offended

Tanna is seen crying under her blanket as she is missing her mother. The conversation then shifts to how Upen Patel was the one flirting with her. Well it seems everyone seems to assume that Karishma will break Upen’s heart. We can only say what is obvious, right Karishma?

Ajaz renters

Bigg Boss asks everyone to go into statue mode and then Ajaz enters the house. Everyone is shocked seeing him, but no one is allowed to move, talk or react. Ajaz first comes to Ali and tells him that in spite of doing so much wrong he forgives him (not that we believe it). He then tells Pritam how the RJ hurt him and his friendship by supporting Ali.

He hugs Gautam and tells him that if he was Ali, he would have kissed Gulati. He tells Karishma that Upen is waiting for her outside. Ali and Ajaz have another argument and start throwing things at him. Ali takes a pocket knife but the other contestants try and keep the two of them away from each other. Bigg Boss then announces Ajaz Khan’s exit. Ajaz leaves after hugging Ali.

Special Dinner

As the evening approaches, Bigg Boss calls chefs and announces a special dinner for the last five contestants. Bigg Boss tells them that this is the last night for all them together in this house. On the last night, he lifts all the bans and asks them to make toast in English.


Ali asks for forgiveness for discussing Karishma’s personal life. Gautam and Pritam hug it out and decide to be friends outside. Pritam then reveals that he had a crush on Karishma and always wanted to flirt with her. OMG!

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Well the last night is done, stay tuned to this space for more updates on the finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol.

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