Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Here’s what Gautam Gulati has to say about Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel’s romance!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Here’s what Gautam Gulati has to say about Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel’s romance

A tempest of emotions are brewing in the Bigg Boss house as the proximity between Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna is increasing by every passing day. Upen had openly admitted to having feelings for Karishma. And guess what? The Grand Masti actress accepted Upen’s proposal despite being in a long term relationship with Rushabh Choksi, a Mumbai based restaurateur. So much that both Upen and Karishma even went on to lock lips for the very first time in the house few days back.

So Ali Quli Mirza, Pritam Singh and Gautam Gulati were heard talking about Karishma and her affection for Upen recently wherein Ali said he doesn’t understand why is Karishma doing this as her boyfriend really loves her and there were no issues between them. Gautam on the other hand said that if all this romance is Upen and Karishma’s game plan then it reflects very badly on Karishma.

Mahek Chahal, who joined the conversation said if she was in Upen’s place then she would have waited for a few more days and wouldn’t have come on the show and shouted it out in front of the whole world. Mahek referred to the fact that it looks embarrassing when a woman, who by her own admission is already in a relationship and has constantly mentioned it on the show, is showing off her affection for another guy.

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Meanwhile, Upen and Karishma knew that they are the talk of the house but they ignored all of it and continued their usual coochie-cooing

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