Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam says he will make way through Pritam and Ali’s hearts!

Gautam says he will make way through Pritam and Ali's hearts

Gautam’s happiness knows no bounds these days with the thought of meeting his family in a matter of few hours. If you could define Happy Go Lucky in one word, it has to be Gautam. Today, in total fun he wore the rugged t-shirt which said ‘Main Champion banne ke laayak nahi’ . But right after that what he did was funnier.

He started singing saying “Main champion banne ke laayak nahi…..aissa Ali sochta hai” because Ali was still upset with him and seemed disinterested in talking to him.

When Ali and Pritam were not around,Gautam was heard saying playfully “I am feeling cornered, main jaisse hi inke paas jata hun, yeh wo jageh chodkar nikal jaate hain. Magar maine thaan liya hai, main aaj pure din inke saath baithunga aur inke dil jeet kar rahunga!” Well, I wish you good luck on that dear Gautam.

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You think he will be able to win their hearts? Watch the second last episode of the season tonight!

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