Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati, Sambhavna Seth, Dimpy Mahajan and Pritam Singh – who will walk away with Rs 25 lakh?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati, Sambhavna Seth, Dimpy Mahajan and Pritam Singh - who will walk away with Rs 25 lakh

Happy Birthday Pritam!

The day begins with RJ Malishka surprising Pritam Singh on his birthday by wishing him through an audio message. As soon as the housemates realize it is Pritam’s birthday they hug him tight with all excitement.

Kissa Bag Ka

Soon after the birthday surprise and wishes, Bigg Boss announced a task revealing the secret behind the mysterious briefcase. If you will remember, Farah Khan had announced that the briefcase consists Rs 25 lakh in cash. The new luxury budget task Torture Cage will determine the twist behind the cash prize inside this suitcase. As the name suggest housemates will have to live inside a cage. Upen Patel, who is a guest of the house supervised the task while the housemates were seen standing in the cage.

The contestants, who were divided in the teams of Champions and Challengers had to stand pressing a given button attached to their respective names. The last man standing while pressing the button continuously will win immunity while the team the winner belongs to will own the golden briefcase.

The winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol will get a chance to win this additional Rs 25 lakh along with the price money only if he belongs to the team owning the golden briefcase. But if the winner of the show is from the opposite team, then the price money will remain the same and will go to the one who receives the maximum votes amongst them.

Rahul and Ali call it quits

The task here involves money as well as immunity hence the contestants are quite excited except few. Further we have Rahul Mahajan stating that he has health issues and Rs 25 lakh or the immunity doesn’t matter to him while Ali Quli Mirza too is not bothered about the immunity and is skeptical whether he should really make so much effort for the money which eventually can be won by someone else as well.

Competition continues

Housemates were worried if Upen will be biased towards his lady love Karishma Tanna. Mahek Chahal, Sambhavna Seth and Dimpy Ganguly are alert and feel Gautam, Pritam and Karishma are their toughest competitor. It will be interesting to see the contestants sweating it out against each other as the countdown for the finale begins.

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Who do you think will walk away with Rs 25 lakh?

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