Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati lashes out at Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam Singh

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati lashes out at Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam Singh

Tuesday’s episode ended with Sambhavna Seth banging the Bigg Boss doors and asking the team to take her out of the house after she accused Dimpy of abusing her and maligning her character on the show. When Gautam Gulati is consoling Sambhavna and asking her to get away from the exit door, Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam Singh plan out to distract them and take away the remaining wooden ladder.

Gautam gets upset and ask Pritam not to play dirty politics anymore. Pritam immediately loses temper on hearing those words and starts yelling at him. Gautam asks him not to yell as he is not his servant. Ali interrupts and Gautam asks him to not butt in between their conversation.

The three get into a major spat which slowly turns ugly. Gautam and Ali come close to each other and Gautam tries to pull up Ali’s Ajaz Khan stint and starts asking him to hit him. Ali who is now very angry yell out that why do everyone considers him as a bad person. Ali explains that everyone is a part of the house politics and dirty games in the house, but it is only him who is targeted always.

Sambhavna comes in the middle and tries to separate Gautam and Ali. After a lot of drama, the three men calm down. Pritam decides not to talk to Gautam again and wants to make him feel guilty by his silence. Ali agrees with him.

Later Gautam come to Pritam to humour him playfully. But Pritam doesn’t talk to him and Gautam leaves without saying anything.

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Pritam and Gautam have had some major feuds which they have settled within themselves. But will less than four days left for the finale, there’s only one question- How far will their tiff go this time?

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