Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza, Sonali Raut, Karishma Tanna- who was the most entertaining contestant?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza, Sonali Raut, Karishma Tanna- who was the most entertaining contestant

The eighth season of Bigg Boss has been high on controversies and there’s no denying to the fact that we had ample amount of fodder to munch on. If Sonali Raut tried to lust love with Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna became a subject of hate for ditching her ex-boyfriend on the show.

But anyway, instead of bragging about this same bold controversial side, how about taking a quick tour to the most entertaining moments of this season? Can anyone beat Ali Quli Mirza’s unadulterated madness or Sonali’s supernatural trip? Well, let’s entertain one by one…

We start with the Nakli Ali- The Bora Bora fame made a kickass entry with his high temper bossiness in the initial days. But after facing a major fallout with everyone on that, he then decided to revamp his image to become the ‘funny man’ of the house. And from there, he was on his toes to flirt, fall, slap, clap, LOL, troll or name anything that could account to entertainment. His fights with Dimpy, Gautam, Ajaz followed by his impromptu gigs of dancing, singing and mimicking, he definitely gave us different reasons to watch the show.

Then we have our Gutsy Gauti- The heartthrob, who has already won a million hearts has also put up some great show. Fight for P3G, love for Sonali, kiss for Diandra Soares, hate for Sonali, miss for Diandra, love for Mahek and his journey saw all the ups to all the downs. But what I pictured through all of it was- Entertainment. He has lived up to every parameter that’s required for a reality show and that explains why he is one of the top finalists.

Time to trip on Sonali- Now what do I say about her? She is this only unusual piece from the whole market of Bigg Boss. From her lazed out voice to her dramatic actions, everything about her was annoyingly entertaining. Remember the way she used the brooms? And also her interaction with two supernatural friends? She tried every possible way to feed the cameras and also, her desperate attempt to kiss Upen and Gautam! Well, that explains all…

Let’s do the Tanna- For her, entertainment was either to cry, dress up or flirt with Mr Patel. But the ultimate of all was when she named Narendra Modi as the President Of India. Like seriously?? And the award for’Beauty without Brains’ goes to…? No points for guessing!

The Stylish Sushant- And lastly, we miss Sushant Digvikar. His style statement was quite entertaining and so were his actions in the house. His dance, to the catwalk well, he definitely tried to leave an impressive mark on the show.

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So now its on to you BollywoodLifers; Who do you think was the ‘Most Entertaining Bigg Boss Contestant’ out of all? Cast your votes below and do the Halla…

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