Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Farah Khan blames Ali Quli Mirza for Ajaz Khan’s elimination

Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati Turns Table, Provokes, Makes Ali Quli Mirza Cry_1

On Saturday’s episode, Farah Khan takes Ali Quli Mirza to task for manipulating Ajaz Khan’s eviction. Ajaz Khan was kicked out of the ongoing controversial reality show Bigg Boss last Saturday (January 5) for hitting Ali. In a recent chat with HT, Ajaz had said that the elimintion was unjust.

He also alleged that Farah’s was biased. Ajaz told HT, “If Ali was so hurt that he couldn’t breathe, how was he singing just 10 minutes after I left? Even other contestants told Ali that his overacting got me out.”

On Saturday’s episode, Farah tells Ali, “Is hafte Ali ne kya game kheli hai. Mujhe sach me lagta tha ki Ali soft target hai, sab log Ali ko kuch bhi bol ke jaate hain aur Ali kuch bhi nahi karta. Ali, you are a mastermind! Tumne Ajaz ka patta kaata hai is hafte. Jitne safai se tumne use eliminate karwaya hai, mai judgmental nahi ho rahi but hats off to you Ali!” (I though Ali was a soft target but he smoothly manipulated Ajaz’s exit!)

Reacting to Farah’s statements, Sambhavna Seth too puts forward her point and says that Ajaz may not be her friend but while leaving the house, he claimed that Ali may have been hurt 10%, the rest 90% was acting.

Having faced similar comments throught the week, ever since Ajaz’s elimination, Ali says, “Agar Karishma 10 second ke liye inki (Sambhavna) ki gardan pakad le, tab dekhunga mai!” (She is just talking, what if Karishma were to strangle her for ten seconds?)

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Earlier in the day, Sambhavna is seen complaining about Dimpy Ganguli’s behaviour. She claims Dimpy’s fights are mainly for footage, because she “ensures there is the right camera angle”. Sambhavna also talks about her own violent reaction towards Dimpy saying that Ganguli wants to be be seen as sophisticated, which she “clearly isn’t”.

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