Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Dimpy stands by husband Rahul: Recap, Halla Bol Day 9

Dimpy stands by husband Rahul: Recap, Halla Bol Day 9_1

Post the call center task wherein Karishma takes the opportunity ot vent her frsutration with Rahul, Dimpy feels bad for him and cries for him. Challengers Gatuam, Sambhavna and Sana too feel bad for the couple and try to show support.

Karishma tries to cheer up Dimpy and explains why she had to confront Rahul in such a manner. But Dimpy was still hung up on whatever happened and didn’t want to show any interest in talking to her supposed friend.

Dimpy tells Mahek that she felt bad the way Karishma humiliated Rahul through the task and believes it wasn’t necessary. She could have also confronted him on a personal level and how could she blame Rahul for spoiling her character image when she herself is flirting with Upen when she has a boyfriend outside the house?

Bigg Boss asked captain Karishma to declare winner for the call centre task. Karishma chose Team Challengers as winners because they showed more patience in dealing with the opposite team during the task.

Bigg Boss asked Sambhavna to mutually decide with the team who was the best player amongst them in the task. Gautam voted for Sambhavna and Rahul and these two took their own names. Sana seem to have a bit of an issue because she felt she deserved the nomination for best player.

Even after a lot of discussion Team Challengers couldn’t decide on one name and so Bigg Boss left the decision solely on Sambhavna. She eventually took her own name.

Karishma was then asked to name worst player from Champions team she named Dimpy stating that she didn’t play as a team player. Dimpy highly disagreed with Karishma’s reasons and blamed her for actually using the task to vent out her personal frustration. Tabaadla happened and now Sambhavna is in Team Champions and Dimpy in Team Challengers respectively.

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Dimpy felt hurt by Karishma’s betrayal and was seen discussing about it to Sambhavna. Dimpy even approached Gautam and sorted all matters between them.

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