Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Dimpy Mahajan uses her ‘crocodile tears’ to get votes?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Dimpy Mahajan uses her ‘crocodile tears’ to get votes

Dimpy Mahajan has been one of the strongest wild card contestant in the Bigg Boss house after Ali Quli Mirza. The dimpled beauty has a unique game plan that has helped her survive in the controversial house till the Grand Finale. With just two days left for Bigg Boss 8 to end, the contestants are under severe pressure wondering who will bag the winner’s trophy this year.

While Gautam Gulati, Karishma Tanna and Ali Quli Mirza have openly admitted to have their own set of plans to survive in the house, Dimpy has used a contrary technique all together.

Dimpy is one of the contestants who have had major conflicts with almost every contestant in the show. Her sharp voice and the habit of dragging an issue out of proportion are the reasons why everyone chooses to maintain one hand distance from her.

Dimpy herself pokes her nose into every discussion and starts yelling and howling which transforms and discussion into and argument. Later, when the housemates start accusing her for creating a scene, Dimpy resorts to her crying technique to escape. Dimpy might be the only contestant in the entire season who has cried throughout for petty issues.

Besides, Dimpy’s outspoken attitude and the fact that she has never been loyal to anyone in house has earned her lot of negative criticism. The lady soon after entering the house was seen openly bitching about the housemates and was making attempts to break the existing groups in the house. The lady has somehow been successful in breaking the very strong P3G by creating differences between them.

Sambhavna on various occasions have also referred the leggy lass as a ‘home breaker’. Dimpy was also seen getting some attention from the housemates by cribbing about her husband’s infidel nature soon after she entered the controversial show and also by shedding some tears. However, when Rahul entered the house as a Challenger, the equation between the two had a different story to tell.

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Dimpy might be very sensitive but the lady very well uses her tears as a strong weapon to get attention in the show. Do you think Dimpy fakes crying all the time to escape from being accused of anything? Do you think Dimpy is innocent enough and is just too sensitive to handle these issues? What do you think guys, please shares you opinions in the comment section below.

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