Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Did Rahul Mahajan Have A Thing For Karishma Tanna?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Did Rahul Mahajan Have A Thing For Karishma Tanna

Each day in the Bigg Boss house reveals brand new things about each contestant. The latest person under the radar is Rahul Mahajan. While on one hand, Dimpy Ganguly is seemingly falling for him all over again, on the other hand, Karishma Tanna is making some rather awkward revelations about him.

So Karishma told Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam that there was a time when Rahul used to hit on her shamelessly. She claimed that he used to send her Facebook and Whatsapp messages constantly and he even informed her when he split up with Dimpy that he’s single again. But she did not entertain any of his antics:

I told him I’m not interested.
Ouch. Now this is rather awkward – especially because Dimpy is in the same house!

Karishma has always been open about her relationship with her boyfriend. In fact, recently when Upen Patel (out of the blue) told her that he likes her, she told him the same thing – that she has a boyfriend and that she isn’t interested.

But I don’t understand why Tanna thought of bringing this up suddenly. Doesn’t this remind you of the episode when Minissha Lamba randomly started telling Deepshikha how Arya Babbar had asked her to fake a relationship on the show?

I wonder if this information will ever be revealed to the rest of the contestants. Can you imagine the b***h fit Dimpy is going to throw about this? And what Sambhavna Seth‘s inputs on this will be? *Shudders*

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Back in season 2 when Rahul first appeared, he was infamous for being part of a “love triangle” between Payal Rohatgi and Monica Bedi. Are we to see history repeat again? Can only wait and watch!

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