Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Did Ali Quli Mirza go overboard in provoking Gautam Gulati?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Did Ali Quli Mirza go overboard in provoking Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati has had enough. Today’s torture task for the Rs 25 lakh was won by Pritam Singh but it was Ali Quli Mirza’s provoking act that was talked about more. Here’s what all happened…

So you must have witnessed the Torture Cage task wherein all the housemates were competing for the golden briefcase containing Rs 25 lakh. While Rahul Mahajan, Karishma Tanna, Ali Quli Mirza, Mahek Chahal and Karishma Tanna called it quits from the task, Dimpy Ganguly, Sambhavna Seth and Gautam were still going on despite being exhausted. After standing for more than twelve hours, Sambhavna’s legs started giving up after which she left the task too.

So, now it were just Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam remaining by morning. The trio looked fatigued and absolutely drained in every way. One thing that kept them going was their determination. But the others had to somehow irritate them so that they leave the cage, which is why Mahek and Ali brought up their favourite topic – Gautam’s working in the kitchen as per his convenience.

Listening to all this, Gautam lost his cool and started getting irritable. Realizing this, Mahek and Ali moved away from his sight because they knew he was standing for quite long and was psychologically affected by being in the same position.

But then sometime later Ali made some hurtful remarks about Gautam post which the former Diya Aur Baati Hum actor got further agitated and left the cage. He then went inside the bathroom and broke down and made a wish to leave the house.

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Now we don’t want our favourite Gautam to bid adieu to the show, but wethinks Ali went a bit too overboard with the provoking. Do you think Ali overdid it?

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