‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ Day 7: Sambhavna Seth blamed for replacing Puneet Issar with Gautam Gulati

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Sambhavna Seth cries after Ajaz Khan's disqualification, Challengers feel Ali Quli Mirza over reacted

Though the ‘Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar’ with Salman Khan was great the ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ episode with Farah Khan was equally entertaining. She started as Salman did, by greeting the viewers in several Indian languages. She then announced that the housemates had been worried about eviction but the voting lines had been closed hence no one would be evicted this week.

To guard the suspense Farah did not tell this to the housemates till the end of the show. Before speaking to the housemates, Farah showed a funny video of Rahul Mahajan trying to flirt with Karishma Tanna, who was ignoring him. Then as she went into the house the housemates greeted their new host. Farah started to talk about the different tiffs and spats that have happened in the house. She also played a game wherein she asked the housemates who deserved to live in the house and who did not.

Most housemates said Sambhavna Seth should go out as she fights the most. Sambhavna on her turn blamed Ali Quli Mirza of planning Ajaz Khan’s disqualification. The host asked Gautam Gulati to explain which saspect of Ali was true and which was false. Gautam explained that it is all Ali’s strategy and he changes his equations with people as and when convenient for him.

Sambhavna was also condemned for throwing her shoe at Dimpy Ganguly. On being asked who she was most disappointed with , Dimpy named Rahul, and said that she only expected a reaction from Rahul and Karishma. Farah told Sambhavna that she had crossed the line this time and she should keep in mind that these things do not look good on TV. As punishment she would have to wash Dimpy and Rahul’s clothes.

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The ‘Snapdeal caller of the week’ gifted Gautam a bell to remind him that he should not get influenced by Sambhavna like he did by Puneet Issar. Farah, after bringing the suspense to a boil, told the housemates that there were not going to be any evictions.

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