Bigg Boss Halla Bol Day 5: Is Rahul Mahajan trying to impress Karishma Tanna?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Day 5: Is Rahul Mahajan trying to impress Karishma Tanna

Day 5 in new extended version of Bigg Boss will have the first Tabadla. Pritam and Rahul are discussing Gautam’s aggressive behavior. Pritam says that Gautam pounces on every person who talks against him. Rahul then enquires about Pritam’s ugly spat with Dimpy. Pritam says that nothing was intentional and Dimpy’s poking resulted into the fight.

Gautam is presenting anti-Champion approach since the entry of the Challengers. Dimpy and Tanna even came forward to ask him the reason why is he distancing himself from the Champions, Gautam diplomatically ended the discussion. Gautam then revealed that he is not liking the change in Pritam and Ali’s behavior towards him. Ali and Pritam when intervened the discussion Gautam said that he doesn’t like to be with people who pick up a fight at small issues. The discussion didn’t come to any conclusion but instead Gautam began an ugly spat with Dimpy.

Mehek and Sambhavana were discussing Ali and Ajaz’s fight. While Pritam justified Ajaz’s negative intentions, Mehek and Sambhavana continued to blame for over exaggerating his reaction after the event. Ali started teasing Mehek stating that if she could act better she would have been a prominent actress today. Mehek couldn’t bear this statement and the discussion soon turned into a fight.

Sambhavana from nowhere joined the argument and started yelling at Ali as well. Later on, Ali tried to reconcile with Mehek by romantically apologizing for his mistake. Mehek also apologized for her mistake with Ali, but was seen saying Sambhavana that she will never let go Ali for what he said.

The new comers in the house are definitely here to create a rift between the Champions. They are tactfully playing the divide and rule strategy and Gautam was their first victim. Now in the coming weeks, it would be interesting to see if the rest four also stand together as a group or fall prey to Challengers’ nasty strategies.

Rahul seems to be head over heels in love with Karishma Tanna. Despite having his divorced wife around, Rahul openly expresses his liking towards the Grand Masti actress. Tanna is tired about Rahul’s comments and tries hard to maintain a distance from him. She reveals to Ali and Pritam that she has blocked Rahul on Facebook and Whatsapp since long.

Gautam was nominated as the weakest contestant in the task by Champions and Mehek was nominated as the best contestant by the Challengers. Bigg Boss then revealed that Mehek will now be a part of Champions and Gautam, a part of Challengers from today. Sambhavana looked dejected with Mehek moving into Chamapion’s team .She was seen warning the actress by asking her to maintain a healthy distance from Ali.

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Ali was having a word with Dimpy about Rahul’s approach towards Karishma. Dimpy was deeply hurt with her husband’s casanova-like behaviour and knew no way out of it. She was in fact feeling guilty to face Karishma in the house. Will Dimpy confront Rahul to help Karishma? Will Karishma herself ask Rahul to stay out of her life? Only time can tell. Till then stay tuned to this space for more details on Bigg Boss Halla Bol.

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