Bigg Boss Halla Bol: BREAKING! Karishma Tanna’s boyfriend Rushabh Choksi finally reacts on her romance with Upen Patel!

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: BREAKING! Karishma Tanna’s boyfriend Rushabh Choksi finally reacts on her romance with Upen Patel

Bigg Boss Halla Bol contestant, Karishma Tanna surprised everyone when broke up with her boyfriend Rushabh Choksi and accepted fellow contestant Upen Patel’s proposal on national television. Ever since then this new love story inside the Bigg Boss house has been a hot topic of discussion in Indian homes. And now it’s Rushabh himself, who has finally opened up on Karishma and Upen’s romance.

Yes, Rushabh, who runs a nightclub in Mumbai has spoken on Karishma’s betrayal towards him and has made it very clear that what Tanna did is outright disgusting. “All relationships go through a test a bad phase and shit bt der is way to go about things. What KT is doing is disgusting & out right tacky,” Rushabh tweeted.

If you will remember, when Karishma accepted Upen’s proposal some days back, Rushabh told DNA, “I have nothing to say. I and Karishma are just friends and nothing more.” However, with his tweets, it’s very clear that Rushabh couldn’t stay mum for long.

Rushabh’s reaction comes right after yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol wherein Upen gifted Karishma a ring and openly confessed to marry her once they are out of the house. Reports were doing the rounds that Karishma decided to break up with Rushabh soon after she got to know that his nightclub has burnt down, as told to her by co-inmate Dimpy.

But that wasn’t all as Karishma revealed the real reason behind the break-up saying that what she had outside the house did not feel complete. And since the time Upen has come into the house again, she feels more positive. And he makes her happy. The Grand Masti actress concluded by saying that we all make mistakes and sometimes when she realizes of her mistakes then you find someone like Upen standing before you.

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And now with Rushabh’s reaction coming in, it’s quite obvious that their relationship has gone down the drain. What are your thoughts on all of this biggbossdiary?

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