Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Ali Quli Mirza threatens to smooch Gautam Gulati in 24 hours, will he?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Ali Quli Mirza threatens to smooch Gautam Gulati in 24 hours, will he

Bigg Boss Halla Bol just got interesting and we love this week’s luxury budget task – The call centre task.

Upen and Karishma ka pyaar

Day 114 in the Bigg Boss Halla Bol, Upen Patel expresses his love for Karishma Tanna and how much he missed her. Karishma, who is dating Rushabh Choksi blushed like a bride every time Upen told her much he likes her. Oooo… what love!

Rahul threatens

In the last episode, Karishma let slip about Dimpy’s Dubai based boyfriend. However, when Ali Quli Mirza learnt about it, he began irritating Dimpy and her fake love for Rahul. At night, she complained to Rahul Mahajan, about how Ali is not ready to let it go of the topic. The angry man marches to Ali’s sleeping area and threatens him.


In the night, Upen and Karishma sit to discuss their life outside the house. Well Upen claims he loves travelling and would love to do so with Karishma. He wants to take her to Venice, Miami, New York and etc… Well they express their love kiss and end the night. Well we wonder how fake or real is this ‘coz we don’t believe one word of it.

Calling challengers

Sambhavna Seth calls Mehak Chel from the Call Centre task. She accuses Mahek of playing games and being angry with her for not nominating her as the captain, Mehak responds carefully and with a sweet sound and it pisses the hell out of Sambhavna. The task indeed can frustrate the other person to no end.

Ali Vs Gautam

It seemed the like the most hilarious conversation; especially when Ali talks about Gautam mole on the lip. He lashes out at Gautam and vents out his frustration. After the call, Ali threatens to smooch Gautam, which really unnerves the Diya Aur Baati Hum actor. Gautam tells Ali that he will hit anyone who tries to come close to him. Ali confidently claims that he is ready to get hit by Gautam but the smooch will happen in the next 24 hours. OMG!

Karishma argues with Rahul

The next call goes from Karishma to Rahul and she questions him about his flirtatious behaviour in the house. She picked on every statement he made in the house and why he thinks he can woo her with money. Karishma vents out her frustration and picks apart every statement he ever made. She questions his relationship with Dimpy too. The conversation ends with Tanna calling Mahajan a trickster and gamer.


It seems Dimpy was affected by Karishma’s words and swear that Rahul never cheated on her. She sheds some more tears which makes us wonder if she really is still addicted to Mahajan and what is exactly going on between them.


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The whole section when Ali teases and threatens to smooch Gautam in 24 hours was the highlight of tonight’s show. Looks like Ali plans to continue unnerving Gautam, which would indeed be a lot of fun to watch, right BollywoodLifers.

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