Bigg Boss: Gautam ends all ties with Praneet

Gautam ends all ties with Praneet

Now Gautam looks tired of people pointing fingers at him all the time! Please for God’s sake leave him alone!! He feels annoyed and we have seen him being quite vocal about it too. However,he seems to be getting trapped in his web of annoyance day after day which includes housemates who continuously plot against him and never take a stand for him.

Friend in need Praneet was the one who decided that it’s enough and decided to express it clearly. Especially about how Gautam has been suffering in the house, he thought may be by talking to Gautam he could help him come out of his shell. Praneet heard his side story but also took an effort to tell him that “Taali ek haath se nahi bajti” . Praneet out of concern told Gautam”Yaar tera approach negative hai logon ki taraf”,through this what he meant to say was that though Gautam is taking efforts to improve ties with housemates,but the way he approaches people comes off in negative light creating a negative impact in return and things go back to square one! He said all this just to make him realize his shortcomings but Gautam didn’t take it really well.

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Gautam got even more annoyed by this and argued with Praneet in return. Last I heard him telling Praneet was that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore with him too. Gautam! By this act don’t you think you are making yourself go weaker and more aloof which can affect your presence in the house adversely? And I can’t even imagine how badly will affect the P3G?! Oh noessss!

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