Bigg Boss’ Diwali Surprise For Contestants

Bigg Boss' Diwali Surprise For Contestants
Contestants carefully select their Diwali outfits online: Bigg Boss gets into celebratory mode as Diwali approached. As the ‘BB Mithaiwala’ task didn’t turn out to be very sweet, Bigg Boss ensured none of the contestants felt low during the festive season by letting them shop designer wear online to dazzle on Diwali.

The house turned into a frenzy as men and women were given flat 20 minutes to complete their shopping spree from Snapdeal’s new fashion line, including four exclusive designers for men – Varun Bahl, Ashish and Soni, Abhishek Gupta, Samant Chauhan and two designers for women – Varun Bahl and Malini Ramani.

Divided into two groups, the participants carefully surfed and chose their clothes on the plasma screen in the house. But there was one rule set- no two contestants were allowed to select identical designer wear. This brought in a wave of change as the contestants got together, helping each other choose their Diwali ensembles, keeping their differences at bay.

Contestants carefully select their Diwali outfits online
Contestants carefully select their Diwali outfits online2
The atmosphere of the house began changing for good after Ali Quli Mirza and Gautam Gulati’s bitter fight left everybody tensed. The decorum of the house was further disturbed with contestants fighting and plotting against one another to become the next captain of the house.

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But the zest for Diwali made them let bygones be bygones and enjoy the inhouse celebrations. The contestants went to bed happily after having detailed discussions about their snazzy Diwali outfits. Day 31 in the Bigg Boss house ended on a happy note.

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