Bigg Boss Day 6: Thoda adjust karlo MADAM!

I want to break free… I want to break free. Guess the housemates are forever singing this song since the time Bigh Boss has tried them in Jodis. But, how stifling it gets to have someone constantly stuck to you! How can one perform personal stuff? It’s imoossible to adjust all the time?

On day 6, Vikas was seen giving a head oil massage to Keith and Manadana, when she got done she wanted to go to the bathroom. But with her being tied to Keith she was told to ADJUST and control herself!

She pleaded to sleep for a while as she was very sleepy. Vikas laughed and said, ‘Hum mein se koi aur ise handle nhi kar sakta tha.’

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Was he pointing at her weakness or was it all in good spirit of humor? Well, this is the Bigg Boss house Mandana. A lot of twists, turns and hardships are yet to come. Things are only going to get tougher and who will stand tall and take it all, only time and Bigg Boss can tell.

Author: Bigg Boss

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