Bigg Boss Day 14: Salman’s Prank Makes Rimi Sen Break Down

‘Ticket to Finale’…while these words would make any other contestant jump and cry with joy, Rimi Sen who is trying hard to get out of the Bigg Boss house and failing miserably, shed tears of pain as Salman announced that she’s won a direct ticket to enter the finale. Literal translation: Rimi will have to stay in the house till the very last day! What a heartbreaker for poor Rimi.

She just sobs and begs Salman to hand this ticket to a more deserving candidate. Selfish or selfless, you decide! But what about the other contestants? Forget wiping her tears, they are burning with fury. Maybe even they’ll put up an act of wanting to quit the game and in turn earn a direct entry to the finale, sahi strategy hai na?

Finally, when Salman is done with his motivation talk about survival and succeeds in making Rimi smile, he is slyly reveals how this was just a prank! Who breathes a sigh of relief – Rimi or the inmates, that’s a tough choice to make!

Randeep Hooda Inside the Bigg Boss House
Sunday is a day full of anticipation for the Bigg Boss inmates with thoughts of elimination constantly running through their minds. To calm and distract these overworked souls, Salman brings in a guest tonight.

Any guesses? It’s Mandana’s co-star Randeep Hooda. No, he’s not here to lend another shoulder to cry on, but to promote his upcoming film Main Aur Charles.
Everyone’s having a good inner laugh as Hooda doesn’t refrain from commenting on Mandana’s crazy antics in the house. Want to know what the actor said about Ms.

We would have been happier to hear the contrary because if this is her real self, well, then God save her! Salman Teaches Digangana and Prince a Lesson
But, it’s not quite a Bigg Boss episode until Salman has had his share of fun and this time he has his moment of glory by giving a good piece of his mind to lady Digangana.

Next in queue to bear the brunt of Salman’s lashing tongue is the king himself, dear Prince. Showing a montage of Prince’s flirtatious demeanour, Salman displays several pictures of Prince hugging almost every female in the house.

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The Evicted Participant: Roopal Tyagi
It’s now time to finally announce the name of the evicted contestant, who is surprisingly getting the power of the ‘Bigg Bomb’. It’s time to say goodbye to none other than Roopal Tyagi! But don’t forget she’s going back with the ‘Bigg Bomb’, keep guessing when and how it will explode.

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