Bigg Boss: Cry babies of the reality show

Bigg Boss: Cry babies of the reality show_2

Every season of Bigg Boss has one or the other contestant who is a cry baby. In the eighth season too, we have got a cry baby who is always seen shedding tears on the show. She is the one who is always seen hurt and is bound to cry. And who else could it be other than Dimpy Ganguly?

The estranged wife of Rahul Mahajan is seen crying on the show for reasons more than one. Once she had a spat with Puneet Issar, while at other times Ali Quli Mirza was asked by Bigg Boss to make her cry twice in a day.
Last year as well, there were a lot of cry babies in the house. We take a look at those from season seven.

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Rajat Rawail: Rajat got evicted from the Bigg Boss house within two weeks. He was seen crying in the house as he missed his daughter and he had also expressed a desire to meet her to the wishing wall. However, after a few days he faced several health issues and was seen crying in pain for hours.

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Kamya Punjabi: Though Kamya was considered as the strongest and straight forward contestant from the house, she was seen weeping in the guilt of leaving her four-year-old daughter alone at home. She further shared with the inmates that she got divorced just a month before she entered the Bigg Boss 7 house. Being unable to face the loneliness and to overcome her depression, she entered the house. She was again seen crying when she met her mother in the house.

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Gauahar Khan: Gauahar is one who has not missed any chance inside the Bigg Boss house to cry. She always had reasons to shed tears. Gauahar, who was claimed to be the drama queen by other inmates, cried for many reasons – Kushal’s exit from the house, her sister Nigaar Khan entering the house for a task, her failure to be a competent captain. She also cried in the house when her personal picture with sister Nigaar was stolen by other inmates during a task.

Pratyusha Banerjee: While sitting beside inmate Kamya, Pratyusha was seen missing her family and friends. She was seen crying as well. She cried yet again when Bigg Boss showed audio visual messages of their families and friends to the inmates. Pratyusha also shed tears when Salman Khan scolded her for being wrong.

VJ Andy

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VJ Andy: In spite of helping and serving the Bigg Boss inmates for weeks, Andy was targeted for a task called ‘Ignore the Obvious’. He was again seen shedding tears when his dear friend Shilpa was shifted to the ‘hell’ side and also at the time when she got eliminated. Andy also got emotional when Bigg Boss showed the housemates audio visual messages of friends and family, and also at the time when his mother greeted all the inmates inside the house.

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