Bigg Boss Celebrates Diwali With Diandra Sweets And Gautam Mithaiwala

Bigg Boss house turns into a mithai corner this Diwali
With the festival of lights just around the corner, Bigg Boss ensured that all the preparations for the festive season were on the dot even inside the house.

The sweet surprise comes with a dash of salt
After the contestants went through gruelling open nominations, Bigg Boss tried to ease the tense atmosphere by throwing the house open to Diwali celebrations. But having the luxury to celebrate Diwali in Bigg Boss comes at a price. This week, the contestants will be asked to perform a luxury budget task named ‘BB Mithaiwala’, whereby two teams will compete each other in making sweets for Diwali.

The sweet surprise comes with a dash of salt. The now infamous captain of the house, Ali Quli Mirza, gets to enjoy even more power, permission to which was granted to him by Bigg Boss himself, accelerating and raising the bitterness among those who loathe his controlling ways.

Not only will Ali be seen enjoying his extended powers, he will also be seen playing the quality check supervisor, savouring sweets like Jalebi and Kaju Katli prepared by opposing teams Diandra Sweets (Red Team) and Gautam Mithaiwala (Blue Team).

Diandra's team includes Soni, Puneet, Upen, Minissha and Sushant
While Diandra’s team includes Soni, Puneet, Upen, Minissha and Sushant, Gautam’s team includes Praneet, Aarya, Karishma, Sonali and Pritam.

Gautam's team includes Praneet, Aarya, Karishma, Sonali and Pritam
While both groups battle it out to present the best daawat, Ali gets to choose the tastier dish and declare who wins the challenge.

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Chaos reaches its zenith in the Bigg Boss house as contestants struggle to prepare mithai using the ingrediants and recipe provided by Bigg Boss. By the latter half of the day, they are asked to prepare a dish of their own choice to help them release the stress, yet anger, frustration and tension engulfs contestants as they try recreating a scene right out of streets of Chandni Chowk, echoing with mithai vendors, inside the Bigg Boss house.

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