Bigg Boss 9: What will the elimination process be like?

Bigg Boss 9 has now completed a week since it started airing and the first weekend special episode will start in a few minutes. The elimination process too has been speeded and while 8 contestants are nominated this week that include Rimi Sen, Suyyash Rai, Ankit Gera, Arvind Vegda, Yuvika Chaudhary, Vikas Bhalla, Digangana Suryavanshi and Roopal Tyagi, only one contestant will be evicted.

How will the elimination be processed?
Well, a source tells us, “There are three possibilities that the creative team is working upon for the elimination process. Although one of them will be implemented in this week’s episode, chances are that Bigg Boss will introduce new innovative techniques throughout the season.”

What are the three different elimination strategies? Here they are.

Possibility #1
Contestants have been nominated in pairs but voting process has been initiated on an individual basis. Chances are that the individual votes for each contestant will be tabulated first. Then, the cumulative total for each pair will be the summation of the votes that the partners have received individually in one pair. The pair with the lowest cumulative votes will be in the danger zone and the contestant with the lowest votes from that pair will be evicted.

How this works?
Consider this hypothetical situation. If Rimi gets 1 lakh votes, Suyyash gets 1.5 lakh votes, the total votes for their pair will be 2.5 lakhs. On the other hand, Ankit might get 1.5 lakh votes and Arvind Vegda might 50000 votes which means the sum total for their pair would equal 2 lakh votes. This would mean, despite getting more votes than Rimi, Ankit will also be in the danger zone because their cumulative votes is lower. And among Ankit and Arvind, since Arvind has received lesser votes, he will be evicted.

Possibility #2
The same process as the first possibility. The only twist would be after the weakest pair is named (on the basis of cumulative votes), regardless of who in the pair received got lesser votes, Bigg Boss will give other contestants the power to vote out any of the two in the danger zone.
How this works? Take the same example. Technically, it’s Arvind and Ankit’s pair which has received lower votes cumulatively then. But although Ankit has received more votes than Arvind, he might still get eliminated if the contestants decide to throw him out of the show.

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Possibility #3
This is the usual formula Bigg Boss uses to evict anyone. Since the voting lines were open individually, the person with the lowest individual votes among the eight nominated contestants this week will be eliminated. Like the trademark BB evictions that have been happening in the season for the past eight seasons.

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